Charting the gigantic, intricate tapestry of wrestling storytelling has always been a collaborative effort. Everyone has different wrestlers they are knowledgeable about and different perspectives to view them with.

However, in the English-speaking parts of the wrestling community, much of non-American wrestling still remains tragically uncharted. While Japanese pro wrestling may be conceptually popular, everything outside of NJPW and perhaps Stardom is still very niche, the territory of hardcore fans and history nerds.

With my writing, I hope to help change that, if only a little. While Japanese wrestling certainly has its own issues, I genuinely think that it could offer many fans the things they have been clamoring for in American promotions. There is a wealth of incredible characters and storylines to be found, some of which could never be be seen anywhere else.

I hope to encourage more people to take that plunge and ease the barrier of entry with my articles and translations. Perhaps for the selfish purpose of creating more people to talk about these stories with.

As I am currently recovering from surgery and catching up with university, there will be few updates for the rest of the year.